IKA Programs - We offer a wide array of programs

We offer an array of programs designed to suit the needs of children & young adults in the community

Behavioral Health 

The Serenity Program - The Serenity Program is a youth and adolescent adult mental health behavior program designed to assist children, youth and young adults with mental health care needs. The Program is designed with age related needs in mind.  Program mental health services include:  

  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Individual counseling
  • Consultation
  • Crisis Management
  • Educational staff support
  • Participation in school based/community teams      supporting children and youth
  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Therapeutic sports

Serenity provides intensive case management services for children who are emotionally disturbed, have a mental health diagnosis and reside in DeKalb County.   The program serves ages 2 to 21 as well as those in foster care programs. The goals of the program are to decrease crisis assistance and reduce juvenile court involvement. Services include individual, group and family counseling, bullying prevention, family intervention, and education. Partnerships are provided through DeKalb Juvenile Court, the DeKalb Department of Children's Services, the DeKalb school system and other agencies. The program enables the family to use support services while integrating successfully in the community. The program uses an ecological approach to treatment, focusing on the strengths of the family unit. The goal of the program is to improve the child's overall functioning and to help identify any barriers that compromise the client's emotional stability.    


IKA After-School Program -   The After-School Program is where we provide Homework Assistance, Math, Science, Social Studies Tutorial and Spanish. Our after school program is also designed for high achievers in math, science and technology. We provide web design classes in our computer lab as well as computer literacy courses.  

"Reading Is fundamental" - IKA book club, students read books on a weekly basis to improve reading comprehension skills.  Homework Assistance, Math, Science, Social Studies Tutorial, Summer Bridge Packet, SAT Prep, Georgia High School Exit Exam Preparation, Expected Results-to improve overall academic achievement for each participant.   / Homework Assistance / Free Tutoring / After school activities includes: Arts & Crafts, Recreation, Computer Labs, Spanish as a second language, Healthy Snack.

IKA Summer Camp - During the summer months we provide the Summer Bridge Packet for students ages 5-14 and for ages 15 and higher we provide SAT Prep, Georgia High School Exit Exam Preparation. Expected Results is to improve overall academic achievement for each participant. We average over 400 summer camp participants from ages 5-13 making us one of the largest summer camps in Dekalb County.    

IKA Fitness, Nutrition & Health -   Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Wellness & Athletics Baseball/Softball Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. This program is designed to improve speed, acceleration and first step speed, bat speed and power overall athleticism, and injury prevention.   This program design will assist in preventing health issues such as childhood obesity, childhood diabetes and other health related issues affecting children. One of our goals is to educate children and their families as to the importance of eating healthy, having a healthy food choice while encouraging them to remain fit in order to live a healthy lifestyle.    The expected result also include increased speed in the 20/30 yard dash: increased core strength, bat speed, quickness, agility, change of direction and shoulder stability. A major focus of this program is to decrease injury risk to the knee, low back, shoulders, and elbow.     

IKA Dream Girls - This program is designed to empower young ladies to pursue their hopes and dreams by documenting, planning and developing a sense of will to do and be what they want to be.

IKA Workforce Development -Teen Workforce Development-Educates and assists students in gaining summer employment through our partnership with the DeKalb County Youth Workforce Department.    

Life Skills & Financial Literacy - A healthy Self-Concept which includes the three skills of:   (A) Know Yourself (b) Love Yourself (c) Be True to Yourself. The Critical Thinking that is needed to work on developing and honing the rest of skills including (d) Having A Personal Value System (e) Perspective (f)  Have An Open mind (g) Sense of Humor (h) Resilience (i) Acceptance.  This portion of the program is combined with our focus on prevention child abuse, abstinence and aids awareness. Expected results: to assist in getting 50 or more summer jobs.  

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